5G: experience the world through a new dimension


See reality with fresh eyes. Break down geographical barriers. Feel that you’re in another place and practically touch it. Get a little closer to the gift of ubiquity. Experience situations as you never have before. All this and much more is what 5G is going to bring us, a technological revolution that will give us a different view of the world.

Virtual and augmented reality, which will become commonplace in society thanks to 5G, will allow us to overcome the two-dimensional barrier within which digital and analogue communication has been confined until now. We are going to leave behind the world of flat screens and finally realise what would be the dream of painter and inventor Leonardo da Vinci: three-dimensional representations that allow us to interact remotely with reality.

What will all this mean for our lives? It opens up endless possibilities and will depend on the imagination of entrepreneurs to bring us new functions and utilities. The implementation of the fifth generation mobile network will radically change the way we communicate, will boost the capacity of the information highways and will enable everyday objects, from your fridge to your car, to connect (with us and with each other) in real time. For example, the rollout of 5G will herald remote-assisted surgical operations, new fleets of self-drive vehicles and coordination of farming work through sensors installed at various points in a field of crops.

New forms of distance-learning with interactive holograms will also be developed and we will be able to watch a football match or a concert from the sofa at home while feeling that we are there among the audience. With all the adrenaline rush that that means. It opens up huge opportunities for live performances by reaching wider communities without geographical barriers.

5G will also bring greater security to smart homes through a concept called micro-segmentation. A smart home is only as secure as its weakest link; any intruder who breaks in through that link can access all devices on the network. But with micro-segmentation, devices can be isolated to prevent an insecure device from being used as a gateway to the entire network.

In general, our lives will be filled with sensors and smart devices; they will be interconnected to enable them to anticipate many of our day-to-day needs. Finding parking will be much easier when our vehicles are connected to the network and can find a free space via a real-time map.

A major feature of this new technology is that it consumes much less power than hitherto. The 5G infrastructure is being designed to support a large number of connected devices at the same time. Thanks to its low latency (ultra-fast response), 5G will also herald a new industrial revolution and have a hugely positive impact on the productivity of companies and our economy.

Ultimately, we will no longer be living in a flat world and communication will be transformed to get as close as possible to the senses of a human being, which is the core of the 5G technology revolution.