Cellnex lists the benefits of 5G at the Mobility Meeting

The autonomous vehicle, one of the great pending transformations for illuminating the society of the future, will become a reality with the roll-out of the so-called “super high” features of 5G, such as reducing latency (or response time) to milliseconds. These were the words of Òscar Pallarols, Global Commercial Director of Cellnex, which co-leads the 5G Catalonia pilot with Grupo Masmóvil, during his participation in the 36th edition of the Mobility Meeting organised by IESE and Deloitte, which addressed the development of sustainable and smart mobility.

Autonomous mobility will arrive when autonomous vehicles are a node of a complex system and can use edge computing to process all the data they receive and make decisions without having to go through the cloud or through distant data centres. Pallarols referred to the example already set in Barcelona by the vehicles of two fire stations, connected to the traffic light signalling system, which optimises their movements when responding to an emergency.

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